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Prior to beginning this module and to the daylong session:

-Familiarize yourself with: The Dharma of Reflective Meditation

The dharmic foundations of the reflective meditation approach

-Familiarize yourself with: Agreements for mentorship

NEW 2020 Mentorship Agreements with Sati Sangha

-Start to personalize your Agreement for mentorship 


-Review and clarify aspects of Reflective Meditation practice

-Prepare to teach Reflective Meditation and enter mentorship

To complete this module:

-Daylong workshop

–RM teaching committee (Linda plus one or two RM teachers) will sign off after you complete this module and before you enter mentorship. Agreement confirmed and acceptance into mentorship.

Materials Relevant to this Module:

An Unconventional Glossary of Buddhist Qualities – Nelly Kaufer

A useful and nuanced glossary of many terms often heard in Dharma settings.

Found in: Reflective Meditation: A Creative Path for Mindful Practice


The Dharmic Foundations of the Recollective Awareness Approach http://secularbuddhism.org.nz

Winton Higgins

In his talk, Higgons discusses the dharmic roots of the recollective awareness approach as described in the Satipatthana sutta. He also suggests how modern western meditators should approach the dharma and its practice.

Found in: http://secularbuddhism.org.nz


Getting Started

Nelly Kaufer

By reflecting upon your meditative process, you become aware of how you are meditating and how meditation supports and informs you. Here are some initial suggestions to get started: Did you notice any qualities of mind developing in your meditation session such as calmness, awareness, flexibility, trust, confidence, gentleness, interest, or courage?

Includes: Finding structure; Moving Around; Settling In; After meditating  (2 pg)