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Given July 2017


To continue to learn/review aspects of the explorative dialogue together

To process the dialogue with each other afterwards

To become more aware of the dharma teachings in each person’s language and experience

Materials Relevant to this Module:

Teaching The Explorative Dialogue


Developing your own Meditation Group

  1. How would you set up an explorative dialogue group (reporting group)
  2. What to say at the end of an explorative dialogue group (reporting group)
  3. How would you talk about right speech / confidentiality in the groups

Reflective Meditation: Instruction

Fundamentals / The Ground

Collaboration of Linda Modaro, Nelly Kaufer, Anna Markey, Jenny Taylor, Janet Keyes, Anna Delacroix, Judy Butler, Diane Yatchmenoff, Bill Wellhouse, Moline Whitson

Fundamentals of reflective practice. Facilitating learning from what comes up in meditation–through the process of reflection and recollection. Developing curiosity about a wide range of calm, focused state of minds. Discovering the dharma in experience. Learning about conditionality/ dependent arising etc.