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Given March 2018


To reduce tension around giving dharma talks

To differentiate between informal, conversational, and formal talks

To become familiar with some Pali terminology, and alternate language used in this orientation

To encourage you to be creative and innovative from your own experience

To track and differentiate between over-sharing and under-sharing personal experience

Materials Relevant to this Module:

Alternate Pali Language

Alternate Pali Language

Alternate English Language

Tricycle Pali Glossary from Online Course


Listen to dharma talks by Linda, Nelly, or Anna: mark portions for transcription or audio-editing or discussion

Record any talks that you are giving about meditation and dharma, share with me or another person in the group and get feedback

Zoom Audio Recording from session:


Learning Meditation and Dharma through Conversations:

Anna Markey, Nelly Kaufer, and Linda Modaro