In a world often crowded with prescriptive meditation practices, Linda Modaro and Nelly Kaufer offer a refreshing perspective. “Meditation is not about dictating a precise path; it’s about deep listening,” they emphasize. This candid insight resonates as they shed light on their unique approach during an interview with Josh Summers. Their emphasis on listening to oneself to effect change, both internally and in interactions with others, challenges conventional notions. Delve into their illuminating conversation as we uncover more pearls of wisdom that encourage a transformative shift in how we engage with our practice and life itself.

“I think that many people are used to being told what to do in Meditation and therefore what should develop. And I think the distinction is that we’re not telling people what (exactly) what they should do in Meditation, and therefore we don’t know (exactly) what will develop.

We practice deeply listening, that is, we learn how to deeply listen to ourselves, our what’s going on internally in our body, mind, and heart. And therefore we learn to listen to others deeply. And that changes, I think it really actually changes everything. I mean, I don’t mean to be, you know, extreme here, but really listening to ourselves and knowing what’s going on internally really allows us to make better choices in our life. Helps well, some of the reactivity because we’re listening internally.”